♦ ABC Poker
When a poker player plays very predictable

♦ All-In
When a player bets all of his remaining chips

♦ Advertising 
Faking a bluff, disappointment or good cards

♦ Aggressive
Betting and Raising more often then checking or calling

♦ Ante
A set amount posted by all players before the start of a hand


♦ Backdoor
To catch both the turn and river card to complete a draw

♦ Bad Beat
When your strong hand is beaten by a weak hand

♦ Bankroll 
The amount of money you reserve to play poker with

♦ Betting the pot
When you make a bet that’s the size of the pot

♦ Blinded off
When you don’t get strong hands, your stack will slowly get smaller due to the blinds

♦ Bluffing
When you play your weak hand like a strong hand

♦ Belly Buster
A draw and/or catch to an Inside Straight

♦ Big Blind
The player to the left of the dealer posts a small blind, the player to the left of the small blind places the Big Blind.

♦ Blank 
A card that doesn’t affect the hand, also known as brick

♦ Board
The community cards on the table

♦ Boat
A full house, three of a kind plus a pair like, A,A,A,J,J

♦ Bubble
one place before getting in the money in a tournament

♦ Burn card
The top card of the deck that goes into the muck before dealing the flop, turn and river

♦ Button
The spot from where the dealer starts dealing


♦ Call
A bet that matches a made bet 

♦ Crying call
A call that you make eventhough you think you’re beaten 

♦ Calling Station
A player who calls a lot, but doesn’t raise or fold often

♦ Chasing
When you try to to outplay your opponent on the flop by bluffing and hope to make a hand on the turn and river 

♦ Check
If no bets have been made, you can check 

♦ Check-Raise
If you check to your opponent and he makes a bet, you raise him. Also known as Sandbacking. 

♦ Chip-Leader
The person who has the biggest stack 

♦ Connectors
Consecutive cards, like 78 or QK 

♦ Community Cards 
Cards that are dealt to the table so all players can use these cards to complete a five-card hand

♦ Cut-off
The player to the right of the button


♦ Downcards
The two cards that are dealt to you, also known as Hole Cards or Pocket Cards

♦ Donkey
A bad player, also know as a fish


♦ EV, Expected Value
A term used with odds calculation


♦ Facecard
A king, queen, or jack

♦ Family Pot
A hand that all players at the table are playing

♦ Fifth Street
The last community card in a flop game also known as the river

♦ Fish
A bad player, also know as a donkey

♦ Floating
Calling a bet in order to try to steal the pot on the turn or river

♦ Flop
The first three community cards

♦ Fold
When you give up the hand and throw your cards into the muck

♦ Free card
When you can see the turn or river without having to call a bet

♦ Freeze out
A poker tournament with no rebuys. out of chips is out of the game

♦ Flush
When you have five cards of the same suit, like A,T,8,6 4 of diamonds

♦ Four of a kind
When you have four of the same cards, like Q,Q,Q,Q,2 , also known as quads

♦ Fourth street
The fourth community card, also known as the turn

♦ Full house
three of a kind plus a pair like, A,A,A,J,J also known as a boat


♦ Grinder
A player that plays a tight, safe pokerstyle. Usually a multi-table player. 

♦ Gut-Shot
An inside straight draw


♦ Hole cards
The two cards that are dealt to you, also known as Down cards or Pocket Cards

♦ heads up
When there are two players left in the game or hand

♦ High card
The highest card decides who wins when none of the players made a combination

♦ Hit
When you get the card on the community-board that you need


♦ Implied Odds
Pot odds that do not exist at the moment, but may be included in your calculations because of bets you expect to win on future betting rounds.

♦ Inside Straight Draw
Four cards that need one more card in the middle to complete a straight. If you catch this card you make an Inside Straight.


♦ Jamming
Betting and raising constantly to get as many chips as possible into the pot, also known as Ramming and Jamming


♦ Kicker
Your highest unpaired card to go with a pair, two pair and three of a kind that decides the winner in tie situations.


♦ Lay Down

A loose aggressive player

♦ Leak
A fundamental shortcoming in your game, a reason to constantly lose money

♦ Limper
A player who enters the pot by calling the Blind

♦ Longhand
When you play poker with more then seven players

♦ Loose
A player that plays (too) many hands


♦ Made hand
A hand that’s completed and doesn’t need anymore help from the board

♦ Maniac
A loose, aggressive player

♦ Married
When you keep playing a hand, when you know you’re beat and don’t have the proper odds to stay in the hand

♦ Monster
A very strong hand

♦ Muck
To throw your cards in without showing them 


♦ Nuts
The best possible hand in a game. A hand that can’t be beaten

♦ Nit
A player who plays very tight and is afraid to gamble 


♦ O
The symbol for offsuit

♦ Offsuit
The cards don’t have the same symbol, like Hearts and Diamonds

♦ Odds
The chance you have to hit a certain card

♦ Outs
The number of cards left in the deck that can improve your hand

♦ Outside / Open ended Straight 
A hand of 4 consecutive cards that needs a high or a low card to complete the straight 

♦ Overpair
A pocket pair higher than the community cards on the board

♦ Overcards
Your hole cards are higher then the community cards on the board


♦ Pass

♦ Pocket cards
The two cards that are dealt to you,also know as downcards and pocket cards

♦ Pocket pair
The two cards that are dealt to you are a pair

♦ Poker face
When your face doesn’t show what’s on your mind

♦ Position
The position that you have in the hand, the later the position you’re in , the better

♦ Pot Odds
The calculation you make when you’re deciding if you’re going to call a bet 

♦ Post
A forced bet like a blind

♦ Pot
The total of chips in the centre of the table

♦ Pre flop
The first bettinground, before the flop comes

♦ Push
Going All-in


♦ Quads
Four of a kind


♦ Ragged
A flop that doesn’t help anybody much

♦ Rainbow
A flop with three different suits

♦ Raise
When you raise the first bet

♦ Rake
A set amount of money removed from each pot by the house

♦ Raise, Re-Raise
A bet that increases the level of the current bet

♦ Rebuy
A tournament with the option to buy in again after losing all your chips

♦ River
The last community card in a flop game also known as fifth street

♦ Rock
A passive, tight player

♦ Royal Flush
The highest possible handcombination, five consecutive cards of the same suit, A,K,Q,J,T of klubs

♦ Rush
A short period of invincibility where you can’t lose any hand you play, also known as on a roll, a streak and in the zone

♦ Runner
A card that you need to complete your hand


♦ Satellite 
A tournament that rewards a seat in a subsequent tournament

♦ Set
Three of a kind, also known as trips

♦ Semi Bluff
Betting on your hand while your hand isn’t completed yet

♦ Shark
A good , strong player who consistently wins

♦ Short handed
When you play poker with less then seven players

♦ Showdown
When the betting rounds are finished and the cards are shown to establish the winner

♦ Slow Play
To play a strong hand weak to try to make more money

♦ Small Blind
A forced bet made by the player to the dealers left

♦ Smooth call
Calling a bet or raise with a very strong hand to conceal your handstrength

♦ Straight
Five consecutive cards of any suit

♦ Straight Flush
Five consecutive cards of the same suit

♦ Sucker Straight
Five consecutive cards of any suit on the low side of the community cards on the board

♦ Suit
The cardsymbols, Diamonds, Spades, Klubs and Hearts


♦ T
Short for ten

A tight-agressive player, tight with the handselection but aggressive in playing them

♦ Tell
Certain behavior of a player from which you can tell if he has a strong or weak hand

♦ Texas Dolly
The nickname of pokerlegend Doyle Brunson, he won the WSOP twice with hole cards T and 2

♦ Tilt
Playing carelessly with bad decisions after a run of losing money, bad luck or a bad beat

♦ Trips
Three of a kind, also known as a set

♦ Tricky play
Playing your hand onorthodox to confuse your opponents, also known as deceptive play

♦ Two Gap
A connector with two missing cards, like K and Ten

♦ Turn
The fourth community card, also known as fourth street


♦ Underpair
A pocket pair lower than the community cards on the board

♦ Under the Gun
The first player to act in a hand, the player to the left of the big blind 


♦ Wheel
A straight with Ace,2,3,4,5